Mentoring Program Change Perception and Role of  Female Journalists in Rural Liberia

Like any other professional field, the media in post-war Liberia is still under capacitated in terms of skilled personnel and growth. Unethical conduct on the part of many journalists presents the media as a rogue entity. Low pay, poverty and the lack of adequate equipment are some other problems named as reasons why journalists are struggling with their career.

However, the experience of women pursuing a career in journalism is distinctly unique and requires more than education, gadgets or better pay. Discrimination, low self-esteem, denigration, and sexual exploitation and abuse are words that describe the state of women in the Liberian media.

Over the past three years the Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC), with funding from USAID through IREX, launched the Women’s Media Initiative (WMI) mentoring and training program to empower and motivate, particularly, upcoming female journalists in both rural and urban areas who are usually the most victims of mistreatments in the media.   LIWOMAC trainers and mentors enriched the program in 2013 by infusing women’s rights reporting skills acquired from cascaded media empowerment training organized with grant from Womankind Worldwide.


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Mission Statement LWDR is a non-profit radio for women operated by the Liberia Women Media Action Committee to educate, inform and entertain through programming that promotes the rights and concerns of women.

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