The Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC) moved  into her own facility in October and began full scale operations  a little over eight weeks ago. Since 2013, the organization began construction on a permanent office building to host the Liberia Women Democracy Radio (LWDR FM 91.1) and other operational units. The organization has partially shut down operations, including its radio station, to prepare for the relocation.

The building contains six offices, three studios and is 56ftX52ft (2,900 square feet) in size. A 200foot tall broadcast tower stands magnificently at the back of the building, which is situated in the Cotton Tree- Baptist Seminary Community along the Roberts field-Monrovia Highway. The building construction was undertaken by LIWOMAC with initial funding from GREAT Initiatives, a UK-based gender rights advocacy organization. Additional funds were generated through radio airtime sale.

Since 2009 the organization has been operating from a leased property located in Congo Town on the outskirts of Monrovia. It has cost LIWOMAC thousands of United States Dollars that could have benefited the institution in other areas.

Ms. T. Estella Nelson, President of LIWOMAC, described the project as a relief. She said the organization is now in a better position to sustain itself. “God has been faithful to us…He is the foundation of LIWOMAC”, Ms. Nelson pointed out.

The organization was established in 2003 to fight against gender-based violence and raise the voices of women in public debates, using media.  It is known for establishing the first radio station (LWDR FM 91.1) dedicated to women, and influencing media and other policies on gender equality. LIWOMAC’s interventions in Liberia also involved empowerment for community women, training, career development and internship and employment opportunities for aspiring and professional journalists.

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Mission Statement LWDR is a non-profit radio for women operated by the Liberia Women Media Action Committee to educate, inform and entertain through programming that promotes the rights and concerns of women.

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