Road Network Obstructs Access to LWDR’s New Studios  -As President Seeks Intervention

LWDR’s new broadcast facilities are located in the Cotton Tree- Baptist Seminary Community near the Robert field Highway. The facilities are about a two minute drive from the main highway, but getting there takes a little longer due to the deplorable road condition. There are huge holes on the road, something that’s made worse during the Rainy Season when huge puddles of water settle in those holes and make the road extremely difficult to navigate or almost impassable.

An apparent shorter path, what could be an alternate route is hindered by a swamp that runs horizontal between the building hosting the facilities and the tail end of a dirt road that connects to the highway.

LIWOMAC has reached out to the government of Liberia to seek help to solve the road problem. At the invitation of LIWOMAC, Gender Minister Julia Duncan Cassel visited the area in October, 2014 and promised government’s commitment to assist LIWOMAC.


Also on June 5, 2015, Montserrado County Senator, Geraldine Doe Sheriff was invited to the site by LIWOMAC’s President, T. Estella nelson as part of efforts to mobilize support for the construction of a shorter road to lead to the facilities. Senator Doe-Sheriff, having toured the site promised to lobby her colleagues at the National Legislature to adopt the road project as a Montserrado Legislative Caucus project. She said the need for women in the area to have access to road and other basic social services must be seen as a priority. She expressed hope that LWDR would champion the cause of women in the area and flag their issues.

The Montserrado County Senator then pledged two hundred thousand Liberian dollars to facilitate the start of the road project and donated ten thousand Liberian dollars to be used to clear the road before the main construction work starts. The Senator also promised to construct a hand pump in the community and pledged a set of jersey and football to the young people of that community.

Responding, LIWOMAC’s President, T. Estella Nelson thanked Senator Doe-Sheriff, but at the same time urged the government to move swiftly to ease the prevailing situation. She believes the relocation of LIWOMAC to the community must serve as a relief to inhabitants, especially if it brings development such as the construction of the road, water facilities and other basic social services.

LIWOMAC intends to work with authorities to construct a bridge over the swamp for shorter and easy access to the facilities. 

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