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The Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC) works to ensure the promotion and protection of women’s rights for their individual and social advancement.

Critical to this responsibility is to ensure that grassroots women and girls have access to and utilize media, particularly radio, to address issues of security, poverty, inequalities, discrimination, sexual abuse, and other basic human rights.

LIWOMAC operates the Liberia Women Democracy Radio (LWDR FM 91.1) as a platform to raise the voices of women and provide information relevant to their wellbeing. Integrated with mobile technology, the radio works to ensure that rural women also benefit from its broadcast. Engendering the voices of women in debates around development, peacebuilding and governance processes is fundamental, and LIWOMAC’s recently established integrated radio-mobile service, which is funded by UNDEF, is a major vehicle to drive and galvanize support for women’s issues. Beyond the radio LIWOMAC directly supports grassroots women through the establishment of radio listening clubs and the holding of community forums.

The “Women’s Access to Media Survey” is designed to investigate the difficulties women may have in accessing information, on the assumption that despite the work LIWOMAC continues to do in elevating women’s voices in national debates, gender-based discrimination in the mainstream media undermines opportunities for women’s rapid development and reinforces stereotype.

This survey, sponsored by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) as part of a multi-level intervention project, provides baseline data on how women access information, their preferred sources of information and their preferences. From the outcome, LIWOMAC aims to appropriately incorporate findings germane to the project’s successful implementation in its design, planning and execution phases.

By and large, we hope this report would contribute to the reservoir of materials on this topic.

LIWOMAC with support from Womankind Worldwide launches community taskforce to fight against rape in West Point and Kamara Town.

Mission Statement LWDR is a non-profit radio for women operated by the Liberia Women Media Action Committee to educate, inform and entertain through programming that promotes the rights and concerns of women.

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